Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello, France. Nice to Meet You Too?

Is it strange that I check my blog stats every few weeks despite the undeniable fact that I do not post regularly?

I don't think so. Imagine my surprise then to see 368 visits from somewhere in France. This would be an adequate picture of my face.

Courtesy ifbyyes.wordpress.com

Yes, when I'm intrigued, I look like Joey from Friends. I also share his sentiment about sharing food. I don't do it.

Now, as for the strangely large number of French visitor(s), I'm left with these questions: Are you one person or are you many? I'm assuming here that a) you (the visitor/visitors from France) are actually real and not some fluke of the Internet and b) you are reading this and can answer me. Preferably in English. I understand the gist of some French, but if you (or anyone, really) started speaking to me in French, you or they would see that Joey face followed by a grin and my Spanish reply of "No comprendo francés."

So, here we are. Or here I am, staring awkwardly at this page and Joey's face wondering what to type next. Perhaps a status update on my thesis prospectus? Yes? No? Okay. Yes it is!

My mentor thinks my prospectus is very well-written; however, I used "however" too much. And will likely continue that pattern indefinitely because I could not write that sentence without using it. My fingers just wouldn't let me. As for the prospectus itself, my mentor believes I will soon be ready to defend it, and once that is checked off the list, I can actually finish the thesis in question and in short order defend it as well. Right now I'm focusing on the offense part of my game--actually getting the things written. Defense is something for Future Me to worry about. In a few months.

Until next time...