Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mastering the Fine Arts

Hello blogland! Honestly, it has been way too long. I wish I had some really convincing reasons for being absent, but alas, I do not. I let myself get consumed by my instructor internship the past two years and now that has nearly come to a close.

You know what that means. That's right. I have the graduate school bug once again. So, I sent my writing samples out to two schools I thought were pretty cool and it turns out that they think I'm cool too. Yay!

I've been pre-approved for admission to two really great MFA in Creative Writing programs and now I am simply waiting on the results from the graduate schools in both places. I will finally be able to assume my alter ego of ImagiGirl.

ImagiGirl: creating worlds, characters, and intriguing plots to save society from boredom and bad literature!

This is all really good news. I love sharing good news. It's...good.


But life isn't about always having good news. My husband will be gone for about a year starting in August, right about the time I'd be beginning my new graduate program.

His unit is shipping out to the Middle East (I don't know where) and they will be ping-ponged around the countryside taking down American military bases, building roads, and sundry other horizontal engineering unit duties. It's safe to assume nothing vertical will be built by his unit. (LOL)

I've been putting off coming to terms with his absence. As a military wife, I know deployments are inevitable. I've been lucky that my first two years of marriage have been relatively absence free. A few training sessions here, a long weekend away there, nothing I can't manage. I'm fine with being alone.

Or so I thought. I think I mostly tell myself I'm okay with solitude because to admit--even to myself--that I need someone around me, even if they aren't constantly with me, seems like a weakness. I'm a strong, independent woman, but I need my man. Even writing this seems like a betrayal of the sisterhood.

So, to help myself cope with all of this, I intend to write a poem every week he is gone. Then, when he finally does come home, I will have something to give him to show him how much he means to me and my family.

I may periodically post a poem on here, just to get feedback from you wonderful blog friends.

Until next time...