Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Official, I Now Know How to Work the Library

Library PengoImage via WikipediaLaugh all you want fellow writers and readers, but up until today (at 12:31 p.m. to be exact) I had yet to set foot in my campus library.

(Shocked silence followed by the dying screams of readers everywhere.)

No really, it's true and I have a very good reason.

I didn't need to. Okay, well, that may not be a good reason, but it's all I have. Be that as it may, I am no longer a campus library virgin. That doesn't read right...anyway, I am fully capable of finding books and operating the library search engine to find said books' locations. I also know how to work the elevators so I can get to the third and fourth floors. All you do is push a button. Who knew?

I've also made a wonderful new friend. I don't recall his name, but he was very helpful when I spotted him at the reference desk and proceeded to shock him with the revelation that I didn't know how to work the library. His subsequent reprimands (he was old so I didn't mind him making fun of and scolding me) were followed closely by a tutorial in all things "library."

So here I am. Writing this blog post from the comfort of my not-so-comfortable carrel in the LB section of the 4th floor. I have a few books next to me and I'm debating whether or not to check them out since I've found them to be immensely helpful with my paper and my future career as a teacher. Helpful is always a good thing, unless someone is trying to help you die or help you fail a test, and then they're just being meany-heads and deserve to be taken out back and slapped a few times by the Hulk.

The only bad thing about the library is the lack of refreshments. They don't letcha eat "smelly food" or have "spillable drinks." I find that insulting, not to mention restrictive. What if I promised not to spill my potentially spillable drink? No. The answer is no. Believe me, I asked my helpful little old guy, who coincidentally thinks my name sounds literary. I took it as a compliment, not as an insinuation that I sound fictional. Although if I had to be fictional, I quite like the way my life is turning out except I would get God to rewrite me a bit taller. I always wanted to be at least 5'8". I might have a chance at playing in the WNBA that way.

All this talk-writing about food has made me hungrier. And this would be the day that I didn't pack my non-smelly granola bar. That means I have to leave the wonderful sanctuary of the campus library. I'm sad now. It's open until midnight tonight because of finals. That's one good thing about finals week I suppose. I can't think of anything else.

Well, until next time...pray that I can find my way out of here and back to my dorm before I starve!
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  1. I got to ask: how long have you been at the college?

  2. Two short years. See, the thing is, I've always had the books I needed to write papers in my own personal library. I didn't need to go to the campus library and waste mine and other people's time. I don't like waste as a general rule, but now I've gone and done it, so I think I'll probably move into the library next fall. I'll be writing my thesis so I'll likely need to. Oh well. :)

  3. Aww come on Blogger! You lost the comments? Now I have to recreate them...I wonder if Alicia will come back and help?


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