Thursday, May 5, 2011

Auction for a Cause

I have already written a longer post on the tornado disaster, but this is just a post to let y'all know about the Help Write Now Auction going on at this moment to raise money for the victims in the areas devastated by the storms. The ladies who came up with the project are angels and I just want to send them a huge thank you!! They deserve monstrous high-fives and other such congratulatory things.

So, head on over to the Help Write Now blog, just click on the icon or the link in the paragraph above and follow the bidding! You can bid on some awesome stuff, like homemade jewelry or query/manuscript critiques from some awesome people. There is something for everyone and all the proceeds go towards helping the storm victims. I even donated my services as a portrait artist or book trailer producer, so bid on me when they put me up! Here's an example of my work.

Keep the families affected by the storm in your prayers! God Bless!


  1. That's fantastic. Unfortunately, I can't afford to bid on anything this round, but I'm also up for auction with Holly, Pam, Erinn, KO, Susan, and Marquita. We're doing some critiquing.

  2. I've made some bids, but alas my bank account cannot allow me to go much higher than $30. Haha.


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