Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RTW: Burn, Baby, Burn! Oh Wait, I Need These Things!

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This Week's Topic:
The house is on fire and you've only got time to grab five things. What are they?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I've actually thought about this before and come up with a great solution to being able to only grab a few things, but first I'm going to do a list of the items I must have.

1. Laptop
2. Harry Potter books
3. Cellphone
4. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Hermione GrangerImage via Wikipedia
She's totally BA. Which is why I want her bottomless bag.
5. My pillow

Now, as you can see, books are included. I would have liked to be able to get all of my books, but seeing as my entire room is a library, I don't think I'd be able to. Sad, I know. I would totally cry like a little lost baby in a supermarket if a fire actually happened and all of my books were lost to the flames.

Since I live in a state of delusion some of the time, my solution to this problem is to steal Hermione's handbag so I can put all of my crap in there and have a portable library. However, at the moment I'm dwelling in "reality" (which may change at any given moment) and I realize that Hermione could probably prevent me from stealing her bag.

In comes Plan B. My five duffle bags. Aha! This is how it goes. There are five duffle bags in my closet, for when I need to move large quantities of my stuff, duh, and coincidentally there are five people in my family! Voila! Problem solved. I just fill those bags with all of the stuff I can't live without, and then there are my five "items" ready to be saved from a house fire.

I'm a genius, I know this. Please, leave your praise for the end of the post. I do have a small head that could use some growing, but I'm not quite done with my answer.

Since I have five duffle bags and the requisite person-power to carry them, I have another, longer list of things I would save from the hungry flames.

1-5 The same as first list.
6. Strange Angels series.
7. Jane Austen complete novel anthology
8. Douglas Adams "
9. Tolkien collection
10. Wand
11. Shakespeare complete works
12. Printer
13. Dvd collection
14. Tv
15. Wolf fur blanket
16. Any other books I can cram into bags

Well, I think that's it. I'm actually bored of this post now, but I feel like I'm forgetting something important...books, laptop, wand...oh well, I'm sure I'll actually remember whatever it is if there's an actual fire.

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  1. Wouldn't wanna be running through the streets naked! (Like me. I forgot clothes.)

  2. Wand? That's a new one.

    What's striking me most about these lists is how organised everyone is. I'd be lucky if I managed to find a t-shirt to stop myself scandalising the neighbours.

  3. Um...I like the idea of Hermione's hand bag. I think all book lovers should have one!

    I didn't say clothes either - I'm assuming I'll have some on?!

    And very curious as to why the pillow outranks the second list. Hmmm.

  4. No clothes on my list either. Of course, fire is a good excuse to go shopping.

  5. Good call on Hermione's bag. That would save a lot of my belongings. If you find one, let me know. I'd like to buy one too. :)

  6. I agree w/Alicia--nothing like a fire to justify a new wardrobe :) And good call on the DVD collection! Can't believe I didn't include that.


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