Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The End Approacheth

And by end, I mean of either my sanity or the semester. Those two eventualities may even happen concomitantly. Oh great Google. I'm talking rhetorically. *slaps self*

It's been a back and forth battle this semester to stay consistent in my posts. Not Enough Time won a lot of those skirmishes. Too Tired to Think claimed its fair share. Too Busy Writing Papers snatched a victory here and there.

But now it's almost over. At least for a few months. However, I still have two weeks left of utter torture and despair.

So bear with me folks. Much like the Doctor, my blogging parade is still being impeded by the downpour of my classes. (Yay! Metaphors!) I'd like to keep typing a list of all of the things I have to do before summer starts but I don't want to spread the pain.

You're welcome.

Until next time...

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