Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RTW: I Judge 'Em by Their Covers

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This Week's Topic:
What are your all-time favorite book covers?

I absolutely love this prompt. Kudos to the YA Highway chicks. They continue the Rock-Bailey's-Blog-World streak. Here follows my favorite covers.

1. I may have some serious issues with the way this series ends, but the cover for Twilight always makes me want to read it again. The image--and the allusion--give me a feeling of melancholy mixed with the shivery-awe of the simplicity that manages to convey so many things. To put it simply: it's beautiful.

2. I absolutely adore this book. The cover completely captured my imagination the first time I saw it, and from that point on, Sabriel and the other Abhorsen books have been some of my all-time favorites.

3. Graceling is a kick-butt book and the cover manages to convey that, as well as the beauty in the Graced world. The elements of this cover make it very lovely and eye-friendly. I was so glad that the story lived up to the cover's promise.

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4. Not only is this book cover easy on the eyes, but it's textured exactly as an old map or book would feel. It appealed immediately to me in both a tactile and visual way. Merely picking up the book and running my hand over the cover can transport me to the world contained within it's pages.

Of course, I have many other favorite covers, but I felt like four was enough for one day. I want to be able to post this link and go see what everyone else chose! Until next time...


  1. Interesting choices. You list a couple of series. Do your comments apply to all the books in those series, or just particular books?

    Given your "Book Recommendations," you might be interested in my selection. :)

  2. Beautiful covers, and they all sort of have an old world feel (and hidden magic, as well). The Sabriel cover is particularly intriguing to me and I've never read anything by Garth Nix...but maybe I will now!

  3. I'm still kicking myself for not including Graceling. It's why I bought the book.

  4. Sabriel! That series is one of my favorites.

  5. Sabriel is the bombdiggity. Enough said.

    @Alicia I kicked myself over the Insurgent cover, so don't feel too bad, amiga.

  6. Although I hate to admit it, Twilight is a pretty effective cover.

    I still need to read Sabriel. I like Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series and devoured it like chips when I picked it up. I bet I'd love this one too.

    Graceling's cover just looks awesome.

  7. I love the Twilight cover, too. It really is striking. I forgot about Graceling, but that's a great cover. I love the reflection in the sword.

  8. Love it or hate it as a story, there's no denying that the cover of Twilight is fabulous. So simple yet so effective and eye-catching. I remember seeing it when it first came out and thinking: whoa, that's nice! What's this about?

  9. I first started reading heavily in the fourth grade with Animorphs and the Narnia books. Both featured fantastic covers and begged you to at least give them a shot. Both series remain on my bookshelf today and are read at least once every few years.

    On the flip side, I will NOT pick up a book that features the "standard book font." You know the one. Some skinny-looking Arial font...

    Do they not want their books to stick out?

    Twilight definitely works as a cover. How many offshoots of that cover are you seeing at bookstores now?

  10. OMY! It's Matt Weaver! To answer your questions:
    1) They obviously do NOT.
    2) TONS. But it works, so I can't blame them.

  11. Great covers! And I do agree with you about Twilight - not a fan of the ending, but wow! What a cover!

  12. I see that a lot of people are fans of the Twilight cover, so we're agreed on that. Yay. Also, I can't believe so many people haven't read stuff by Garth Nix! (Except for Kaitlin and Donelle, who also count as people, by the way.)

    I just realized I didn't answer Colin's question, which is really horrible since he was the first commenter. *smacks self* "Get yourself together!"

    @Colin: Yes. My love of the covers does refer to the entire series for the books I mentioned, with exception to the Twilight books. I only really like the first cover. New Moon's cover is alright (it's actually my favorite book out of the series), but Twilight definitely has the best cover of the series. But that's just my opinion. Thank you for asking!


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