Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet Victoria Scott

Day two of my Pre-game Show for The Collector is here! Welcome back. I'll be your host for this post. Yes, I am indeed your normal host. I'm in a weird announcer mood today though and y'all will be reaping the benefits. I can sense y'all's enthusiasm. It's wonderful. Onward!

Meet Victoria Scott

She has such a nice face. I like her. 
The Details:
YA author repped by Laurie McLean of the Larsen-Pomada literary agency.
Member of Writer's League of Texas
Member of Team Shiver

Characteristics of Note:
Doesn't drink coffee. *checks the list again* *gasps* Yep. It's true. She doesn't drink coffee and readily admits that on her author page. Well...more for me!! Muahahaha!
Afraid of monkeys. That I can agree with. It's the fingers. I don't like their fingers. No idea why. Moving on...
Carries around water like a human camel. Minus the hump. I wish I was as conscious about my own hydration, but sadly, I do not drink enough H20. 
More interesting facts about the delightful Victoria Scott can be found on her author site. It's a pretty cool place so I recommend going over yonder and seeing what's what.

Find Victoria:
Victoria Scott-Author
The Twitter
Victoria Scott Author Page

Scott's first book, The Collector (A Dante Walker novel), is set to be published in March of 2013. It features darkly handsome Dante Walker, known as The Collector, and his tale of soul-collecting, bad-boy fun. The cover will be revealed tomorrow (June 1) on a wide-selection of blogs that volunteered to participate in the cover reveal event, including this one.

I hope you'll all show Victoria and Dante some love by Tweeting about the event tomorrow (hashtags #DanteFever #DanteisMine #DanteWalker), taking one of the lovely teaser badges down below and sharing them on your bloggy blog, reblogging about The Collector, or ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Also, her short story Four Houses is available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It's going to be the next download on my Nook. And because I'm so nice, I will buy the first three people who comment on this post a copy of the digital book. Just leave your email addresses so I'll know who to send them to! (If you don't want a copy of Four Houses, please let me know so I can give it to the next person who does want it. Thank you!)

This is my favorite...

Until next time...

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