Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RTW: Best Book of March

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What was the best book you read in March?

Due to the complete lack of time to read books for "fun," I'm going to say that the best book I've read this month is...

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It's not a very long novel but it's certainly the best book I've read this month, including Great Expectations. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Dickens' novel (my favorite is Tale of Two Cities) but Pip annoys me. 

The main character, Silas Marner, is repeatedly oppressed by outside forces and he gets to the point where he becomes a figure that people distrust, but throughout the narrative we see how things work out for the better and how Silas goes through a transformation into a respected member of society. Love, redemption, satisfaction, and faith play important thematic roles in the novel. It's thoroughly heartwarming, as it was no doubt meant to be. 

Silas Marner employs the wry touch characteristic of Eliot's works, and as a piece of literature, it's decidedly tinted with the attributes of a fable. I've always been a fan of fables and fairytales so reading this book was a nice break from the other Victorian readings that I've been doing lately. Realism is fine in small quantities, but sometimes it's nice to read something that puts a smile on your face simply because it's sweet. 

If you haven't read Silas Marner or anything else by George Eliot, I highly recommend that you do. Or at least read Silas Marner. It's not very long. There are some dragging, dull moments but the ending is worth the time spent skipping those spots. (Haha!)

Well, here's to hoping that next month I'll have a YA book to mention and discuss!

Until next time...

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