Thursday, October 13, 2011

People Who Live Near Me--

--are somewhat not normal.
"Does this camera angle make my butt look big?"

There have been a few incidents that have spurred me to this conclusion. Just this evening I came back from vanguarding for about five hours, and was slightly accosted by a person that I knew and another person that I didn't know, working as a unit.

They were male and very silly. Normally I'm all for being silly and saying silly things sillily, but I was tired (still am) so of course the silly wasn't coming easily. In fact, I was probably very boring, which may explain what happened as the meeting progressed.

So there I was standing awkwardly in the middle of the small field next to my dorm, and those two guys were making jokes with each other and trying to make me laugh. I think they wanted me to go party with them later tonight or something, it was hard to tell. I think the one I didn't know was altered mentally in some fashion or maybe he was always like that. Again, I'd never met him before in my life, but apparently he picked up my name very fast. I'm not too surprised. It's a fairly easy name to use.

Anyway, after a few minutes of talking about nothing and the fact that I was always busy with stuff, they decided to start kickboxing with each other. Right there in the lawn. At night. Without warning.

I'm often surprised by how much I don't really know about boys and their inner workings, but this was one of those moments where I wondered if I was actually awake or dreaming, because it seemed almost like a weird dream.

That lasted about three minutes, and then the one whose name I never learned ran to the building, and jumped up to grab hold of a towel that had been hung between the railing of the balcony thing. Then he started doing pull-ups from the towel.

I stood in place for a few seconds, looked at the sky for some kind of answer, and then walked away. He may still be doing pull-ups for all I know.

ROTC boys are odd.

Here's a list of things that make me wonder about people in general:

1. They talk about things like parties. People actually go to those? At real clubs? I thought that was just a thing that people did in the movies. Geez.

2. I have to explain what I do as Life Editor. Often more than once to the same person. I didn't realize my job was that complicated/confusing, but hey, you learn something new every day, right?

3. Even though there may be a sign on the door that says what is inside quite explicitly, people still think it's lying. Maybe where they're from "The Vanguard, Student Media" is code for "This is the Office of Requirement. Knock on this door, and you will magically be transported to wherever you need to go." If that's the case, I wanna live where they live. It sounds nice.

Aragorn understands me.
He doesn't let Orcs ruin his cross country run.
We live on the edge of adventure.
"Like two groovy peas in one far-out pod, man."
-Shaggy Rogers
4. No matter how many times you ask me the same question about an assignment that's due, I'm almost 100% positive that my answer will still be the same. But go ahead and ask me again. I have unlimited patience and have never thought about murdering anyone.

5. When I tell you that I want you to write something and turn it in on a certain day, and you agree to it, I really mean for you to turn it in late. Because only suckers want to have time to edit the articles for their sections. I like living on the wild side. Mistakes and misspelled words make me smile and see rainbows on the cloudiest of days.

6. As for getting to class on time, I hate it. So if you are walking in the bike lane, please don't move or else risk my wrath. The fact that I'm already behind schedule and I have a test in ten minutes only adds to my enjoyment. You're my favorite person at that moment, maybe even the whole day.

That's about all I can stomach for tonight, folks. Just thinking about all of that goodness up there is making me want to do cartwheels. I'm off to bed!

Until next time...have a great weekend!

(Unless I post again tomorrow, and then this won't be last you hear from me, and I'll have to repeat that salutation. But I'll deal with that if the moment arises.)

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  1. That first picture actually looks just like the people who live near me. We live in an old farmhouse, and we're surrounded by fields, one of which is frequently occupied by cows. Or maybe our neighbors are as strange as yours... :)

  2. I'm still trying to get past the part where they randomly began kickboxing!


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