Friday, July 29, 2011

The Awesomeness

It beckons. It calls me from the deepest slumber and awakens a spirit of longing in me. Can you feel it? Do you feel the tendrils building inside you waiting to find an escape, some way to be more than echoes of an emptiness created by a creative drought?

Look at this, and be refreshed.

I found this picture, as I always do, by trolling across the internet with no aim at finding anything. It's a proven fact that if you're looking for something, you'll never find it; it's only when you stop the search that it appears in your hands, or in my case, my Google+ home page. (By the way, if you need an invite, let me know. I can get you in.)

The beauty of this photograph--beyond the mere visible loveliness--is the fact that it isn't photo-shopped or otherwise computer altered. It's nature. It's purely natural and it's awesome.

That word, awesome, has come to be rather weak in recent years. It's been used so much that we forget that when something is awesome it actually inspires awe in us and we feel that awe to our very core. It's a chilling feeling, somewhat akin to fear and wonder and love in mixed proportions, depending on the nature of the object.

That image of the phosphorescent algae in Australia, as captured by Phil Hart, is breathtakingly gorgeous and I wish I had more descriptive words to fully convey what I feel deep down in my soul when I look at it. I feel like I'm being sucked into the stars while floating in the blue glow of the water.  I want to thank Phil Hart for taking that picture and the many others on his site. 

And those images are likely going to inspire my writing. How can they not? I'm in awe.

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