Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RTW: Superpowers, Meet Kryptonite

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This week's topic: What are your writing and publishing superpowers (drafting? beta-reading? writing queries? plotting? character creation? etc.) -- and what's your kryptonite?

The Powers:

I have no problem coming up with ideas for stories, characters, and such. In fact, it's kind of my specialty. I can come up with anything in a lickety-split. It may not be the awesomest thing you've ever heard, but odds are it'll be interesting to say the least.

I can spot grammatical, syntactical, fluency, and vocabulary errors, or any other kind of error with my eagle eyes. It's like they're lit up with giant flashing arrows pointing at them and screaming, "Fix me! Fix me!" This is partially due to the fact that I'm an editor with my campus paper. I have to find them. It's my job.

Time and I are like this: *crosses fingers* We get along; I don't flaunt deadlines and time doesn't unexpectedly throw me a curve ball. It's a partnership. Learning to manage my time effectively wasn't easy, but after a lot of trial and error, I came up with a system of determination that allowed me to have some sort of control over the unexpected. I meet the deadlines; they don't meet me. It takes a great amount of self-control and motivation, but it's worth it in the end.

The Weaknesses:

Focus aka Writing ADD
I may be able to come up with an insane amount of new ideas for books, but my follow-through is something that I continue to struggle with. I think it has something to do with the fact that I may have undiagnosed adult ADD, because while I have all of these wonderful ideas, I can't seem to focus on just one for any amount of time. There are a few exceptions, of course, but those are rare.

Editing Blindness
Sometimes I get so caught up in looking for the mistakes, that I forget to look at the actual content. I can read an article while I'm "editing" and when I'm done, it'll be all marked up with pen, but I couldn't tell you what that article was about. It's necessary sometimes for me to turn off that inner editor part of me in order to actually read. It's a huge distraction to always be looking for errors.

Control Madness
I'm a control freak. I know it, my family knows it, even my friends know it. I have anxiety if I feel out of control. This need for control is good for helping me maintain a structured schedule and pattern of activities, but it also limits me in the sense that I don't find myself doing new things. I'm not spontaneous unless I plan on being spontaneous. I resist all kinds of control outside of my own. This is something I've been working very hard on for the past few years to control. It's hilarious, actually. I'm trying to control my need for control. I'm pretty sure there's a conflict of ideas somewhere in there or something.

Well, I think that's enough introspection for today. I think I need to read the second act of Hamlet anyway. Have a great Wednesday y'all!

Oh, yeah and thanks to Jaime Morrow for linking us all to the create your own Marvel superhero site! I couldn't resist making my own! She's called ImagiGirl! She has the power to inspire people with her "incredibrainstorming mystical aura" and in case there are some horrible villains trying to destroy the world's imagination, her swords are at her back ready to SLICE! through the trouble. She also has a whip, but it's just there to look cool. ImagiGirl is from a planet of cat people, but since she's half-human, she only has pointy ears and a tail. I've always wanted a tail and pointy ears.


  1. I too struggle with Focus AKA Writting ADD. I can find a million different distractions, which is horrible. Like you, I'm also pretty good at the brainstorming/planning side of my stories. I'm seriously envious of your superediting and ultradeadlining abilities. I'm less than stellar at both. Great post, Bailey :)

  2. I've always struggled with the focus stuff. However, the good news is that the more you write the easier it gets! At least, that has been my experience. It'll never be my superpower, but it's manageable.

  3. Incredibrainstorming sounds awesome ;)

  4. Control your need for control. Priceless. I spend a lot of time tossed on the waves of someone else's schedule, or someone else's spontaneous whims - such as family dropping in on me unexpectedly. It's very hard to work when people disregard any control you try to have. But as a middle child I've kind of gotten used to not having control. (kind of sad, really.)

    As for your Superpowers... teach meeeeee! I need to know your secret for deadlines because they are my kryptonite!

  5. Cool post! These RTWs don't help the writing ADD- I think I could have hammered out another chapter today, but it's too much fun to read about writing super powers :) (Love the pic!)

  6. Editing blindess--I get that too. I've FINALLY learned to turn off that grammatical editor when I'm trying to revise the bigger picture things (pacing, plot, character arcs, etc). But it took a looooong time. And I still have slip ups, which in the long run, are okay :) But knowing I'll go through and nitpick the writing in another round usually helps!

  7. I get the editing blindness as well. I loved this post.


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