Friday, January 6, 2012

Skyrim, Or How I Lost Track of Time

Yep. I broke down two days ago and purchased Skyrim. I knew it would be a bad idea for me time-wise, but I did it anyway. I was right.

Skyrim is, to put it simply, awesome. I can get lost in that world of dragons, elves, orcs, trolls, and bandits and resurface seemingly minutes later to the sound of my parents getting home from work--and I started playing that morning.

Two days have slipped by (my character, Viridian, an Imperial mage, is now almost on level 13) and I can't curb the craving to keep playing.

What am I doing here? Good question.

Unfortunately, I was dumb and saved my game on my brother's Xbox and now he's in his room with three of his friends playing Skyrim. Not MY game, of course, but playing it none the same. I'm so mad. If only I'd thought to save it to the Cloud then I could take the disk from them and play on one of the other Xboxes.

For now though, I've been told I must wait. And listen to them exclaim, "Let's go kill that dragon, man!" "It's too far away." "No it's not, it's right there at that tower." "Okay, let's go kill it!"

*deep breath*

I am calm. I am following the Way of the Voice. I will not lose my cool.

That's something an Orc would do.

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