Friday, April 29, 2011

50 Cents an Inch? Jackpot!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
My addiction has struck again. This time I feel like I had the upper hand. Let me give you some background. I buy books. I read them. I clutter my room with them. If you looked at my checkbook (not that I actually keep up with the balance), you would see that one out of every three purchases has been at a bookstore. The other two are coffee related buys. Yet another addiction I haven't had time to deal with.

Today though, I came out of my book buying spree victorious and only $8.50 poorer. And I bought fifteen books, including an illustrated, hardcover, 1936 edition, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in fairly good condition. I giggled like a psychopath when I found it in the stacks of books for sale this morning. I couldn't believe my luck. It only cost me a dollar. One of my other prized finds of the day is a 1913 copy of Jack London's Before Adam, also hardback and in a little worse for wear condition, but not anything I can't handle with care.
Before Adam

Where did I find these literary treasures? My local public library. They were having a 50 cents an inch book sale today and tomorrow, and being the addict that I am, I couldn't resist going. It was a gold mine. I'm going back tomorrow just in case they put new ones out. I've got the shakes from the anticipation. Just writing about the books I might buy is exciting.

The Story of Roland
I also want to mention the delightful find that my grandmother bought for me as a surprise. The Story of Roland by James Baldwin, printed in 1930, I believe. It's wonderfully illustrated and smells like adventure.

If I ever garner the amount of followers that would lend itself to a contest, you can bet I'll hold a contest (redundant, I know) giving away a book from my increasing collection. Believe me, there are many books in my room that I'm sure someone would love to get their readerly hands on. I have to build another bookshelf--and by build, I mean get my sister to build it for me--just so I can house these spectacular purchases.

One book that I didn't purchase at the book sale but rather at my local bookstore, is Defiance by Lilith Saintcrow. I'm going to read it today, and I'll be back tomorrow with a review and my comments on the book and series as a whole. I'm sure it won't be a repeat of the City of Fallen Angels fiasco.

At least I hope not.

Until then, have a great weekend and please keep the tornado victims in your prayers!

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