Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RTW: The Future

For this YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday, we were asked the following question:

Assuming we make it through the 2012 apocalypse, what do you imagine the publishing world will look like 100 years from now?

Hmmm. Good question maestras of YA Highway. If I had any ability to predict or see the future, I might give this a decent shot. As it is, I do not.
The Future: Next Exit

But, since I like to think that I'm pretty creative and just an overall good-guesser, I'd like to hazard a guess and say,

"If 2012 arrives and I'm not sucked into a vortex of fire and brimstone, I think the publishing industry in 100 years will be a lot less 'peoply' and a lot more 'roboty.' That is to say, I believe AI will take over the world, but I hope by then to have created my own robot army that will protect my cryogenically preserved body until the fountain of youth is discovered. Hear that Captain Jack? Get on it. Maybe this time you'll actually win and get to live forever as a rascally sea-dog. Then, once I have been foreverized, I will publish my book titled How I Beat AI and Myself, 100 Years in the Making, and the book will then liberate the robot controlled publishing industry (my robots an integral part of the liberation, since they're much muchier than the other robots), returning books into the hands of the people. Who will then worship me for giving them control of the printed word once again."

All said, I sincerely hope I have not jinxed myself. The feasibility of actually creating my own robot army depends solely upon my nonexistent engineering skills and equally fictive monetary earnings. Here's to hoping that 2012 takes me before I have to live up to my own predictions. Or here's not to hoping. I'm really confused by this point about what I'm actually trying to prove.

Happy Road Trip Wednesday into the future!
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  1. You know there's a book out there to help you with that army.

  2. Hm...robot publishing. Fewer grammatical errors, surely, but possibly less imaginative stories. (LOVE your "Post a Comment" note about grammar and punctuation, btw!)

  3. Yes, I saw How to Create Your Own Robot Army for Dummies last time I was at Barnes & Noble, but I was without funds (something that happens a lot) and subsequently decided to postpone the purchase.

  4. But will the robots look like us? And if they do, does that mean they are as complex and flawed as we are? Robot-penned Treasure Island, that's what I want.

  5. I hope this "roboty" stuff waits 100 years. Robots scare the living crap out of me!

  6. While roboty people may seem desirable what with the grammatical aspect, I'm with Marquita on that one. Robots give me the shivers, and not in the way Captain Jacks does. Hehe. Ever seen Treasure Planet, AKG? Pretty cool, I must admit.

  7. Treasure Planet style robots would be awesome. And there could be lots of robot genres, too. Robot Romance, Robo-Cop stories, Young Robot fiction... :D

  8. Young Robot fiction! YR! Now that's a demographic someone should start covering. Dibs!


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