Monday, April 25, 2011

Mayhem Monday

A photo of a cup of coffee.Image via WikipediaMy day started out fairly well. I texted my Mom, "Me need coffee. My room is cold again," and she brought me a cup of Joe in all due haste. She makes good coffee. (In case you are wondering, no, my Mom is not my slave. She likes to feel useful and I like to give her ways to be useful. It's a win-win. In other words, she likes it when I text her as she's about to get in the shower and ask her to make me a cup of coffee even though my room is only twenty feet from the kitchen. Yep.)

Then, after such a great start, it started to go a little less sunny. And I mean that literally. I haven't seen the sun much today at all. It makes me sad. We're such good buddies. I'm also trying to work on building my base tan back up before Summer starts, but so far I've only managed to go from Corpse White to Partly Pasty. I still have a ways to go, and today didn't help.

I know none of that seems mayhemy, and you'd be right, but we're about to get to the darker stuff, so hold your britches.

Over the weekend I developed an all-consuming new addiction to rival my former addiction to coffee. Yes. It's strong in the Force all-right.

I'm talking about...

the Words with Friends application.

I know, I know. How could I? It's so easy to resist something so small right?

Wrong! Once you send your first word, you're hooked for life! I haven't been able to stop playing the Scabble-like game all day! I played it while I was walking the half-mile to class today, and I almost got hit by a car on the crosswalk. This app addiction is going to get me killed.

Even my own sister has said I need to slow it down. It took her too long to play a word today and I shot her a text message telling her to "Word Up!" and she said, "No, not now," and I was like, "Yes! NOW!"

...And she did. (Now who's strong in the Force?)

It's been said that Words with Friends is a gateway app (I said that), and I believe it. I get mad when the advertisements come on and I'm tempted to purchase the full app so I wouldn't have to deal with their interruptions while I'm considering my letter tiles.

I just have to I alone in this addiction? Is there a cure? (And do I even want to be cured?)
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  1. You.Are.Nuts.

    And I'm also cold. Would you Mama bring me some coffee? Two sugars and cream or milk, please.

    Yes, yes, I'm back to stalking you. It's been a while, I know. But I've been at my parents' which means I only browse the net with my ipod. Not too practical....



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