Sunday, August 28, 2011

How's This For A Promotion? (aka Non-Sappy Sunday #1)

Hello people of the blogosphere! Thank you for stopping by, if indeed you are actually reading this. You're so special and I love you. I. Love. You.

Anyway, I've been following a certain blogger's blog (blogger's blog...haha...that sounds so funny for some reason...) for a few weeks now, and she really knows her stuff. I don't readily admit when someone is younger than me and can write circles around what I do, but here I go:

She can write circles around me, and I like it.

She likes to go by the name Silent Pages, and quite frankly, I'm glad. As long as she's hiding behind that pseudonym, I can still have that tiny belief in the back of my mind that she might just be a figment of my imagination concocted to make me feel bad about my own writing skillz. Those things do happen, you know. Really, they do.

But, since I'm on the topic of great ideas, writing tips, and so on, I would like to pass her link on to you folks so y'all can each get an idea of what I'm trying to say. Whatever that may be.

Without further ado, I give you Silent Pages' blog. Go crazy. (Warning: Her blog posts are so amazingly long, wonderful, and wise that you will feel inadequate, but be comforted in the fact that everyone else is feeling the same way.)


  1. Thanks for the link. Because I don't have enough to read. :)

  2. You too? Geez, we really need to get out more. (And my pleasure, haha.)

  3. D'aaaaaw!!!! >///<


    You see what you've reduced me to? How will they ever believe I can 'write circles around you' now? XD Which I can't, by the way. I just say things in a very long-winded manner that seems to impress people. XD

    *snugs* You people are too nice to me. XD

    And... I've been thinking about my username, and about articles I've read recently that say to use something close to your real name... I'm thinking I might do away with the username... But probably not until I get something in print, and then if I want people to look at it they'll be seeing my real name anyway. XD

    But for now, you're safe. ;)

    There's also the possibility that I really WAS conconcted by your imagination. But if that's the case, then know this: I was not made to make you feel bad, but to encourage! And work together and become an awesome writerly team that can dominate the wo-- I mean, publish cool books. XD

    Nobody heard those evil schemes. *shifty eyes* NOBODY.


  4. .......if she's a fiction of your imagination, Bambi....How does it work since I 'introduced' you two? And Silent? It was Bailey who reminded I wanted to link you on my blog.

    She deserves all the thanks <3

  5. Um....Figment of your imagination*

  6. Well, we've already determined that my imagination has a lot of figments, and that Silent could possibly be one them. Whether she's actually real or not, I haven't the slightest clue. However, the fact that you did introduce us does put some weight to the argument that she is indeed an actual flesh and blood person. So, that's one for the Real tally.

    And Silent, if you do happen to do away with your mask, I'm sure we'll all love you just the same. I might even come out of hiding and tell y'all my middle name. May, mind you. It's something I like to keep in my pocket and taunt people with.

    And we all know Tanya is really a 43 year old man. ;)

  7. *tackles you both* XD You guys are TOO awesome.

    But maybe you guys are figments of MY imagination. O.O

    I mean, two awesome followers who feature me on their epic blogs? That does seem like the kind of thing I'd imagine. XD


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