Monday, August 8, 2011

You Guessed It, Another Contest

This one is on my dear friend's writer's blog. Word to the wise: if you step on Kills (the lovely Kelsey Sutton), Bambi will be the one hunting you. (I just had one of my weird overprotective moments, so just ignore that last sentence. Maybe.)

Anyway, the contest is to win a copy of Possession by Elana Johnson.

I love the cover. It's so simple, yet elegant. A frozen butterfly. How chillingly fantastic. It gives me shivers.
The contest is open until August 21st, so scurry off to Kelsey's blog to fill out the form and write your own blog entries to earn points. I know I did.

Although, with my luck lately, I doubt I'll win. I just have fun entering contests. I'm crazy like that.


  1. Awwww. LOL. I would puff up if someone tried to step on you, too, Bambi.

    Thanks for spreading the word! Why aren't you on Skype?

  2. Work took over my life this past weekend. Surprisingly, I'm off today, but there's that thing where I have another job, so I doubt I'm going to be non-busy for long. But, I think I'll be on Skype tonight. Nothing has popped up to try to prevent that yet. :)

  3. We have to make a deal, Bambi. If you win, read it and send it my way, and if I win, I'll do the same.

    That way, there are two winners ^.^


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