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RTW: Good Old Mind Plunger

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This Week's Topic:

Ah, the topic of champions. Writer's Block is something that we all face, but some people are often skeptical if it in actuality even exists.

I'm here to say how I feel on the matter and try to explain how to beat it until it raises the white flag in retreat.

First, I believe that Writer's Block is real, BUT--and it's a necessary but--it does not mean that a writer is incapable of writing anything. It simply means a writer is temporarily devoid of inspiration along a certain train of thought. It happens, though we wish it didn't, and we are struck dumb with the overwhelming horror of Not Having Anything We Think Is Worth Saying.

It's terrifying, and I admit that I've had that same issue at times. I feel like I stare at the screen for hours on end just waiting for the Muses to whack me upside the head with something, anything, that will be worthy of being written.
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Let's pause right there for a moment. Worth. That is where we get hung up and our worry just exacerbates the problem until all we can see is that blank screen or that empty page. Why does what we write have to be worth writing? Can't it simply be nonsense or junk?

It's not like anyone besides ourselves has to read it, right? That's what I thought.

So there is a solution to our problem right there. Whenever you feel like you have nothing to write about and Writer's Block worries are getting you down, just start writing. It doesn't have to be about anything, just so long as it's real words strung together. The simple act of putting those words on screen or paper is enough to kick-start your tired Writing Motor. While it may take some time, you will be free of Writer's Block.

That's the good thing about the subject. Writer's Block is temporary. It doesn't have to dominate your life. It will, if you let it, but if you refuse to allow the doubt it brings you to creep into your writing life, then it won't be given the chance to gain a foothold.

So, be brave, dear stalwart writers. Fight for your ability to create and destroy worlds with your words.
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  1. " I believe that Writer's Block is real, BUT--and it's a necessary but--it does not mean that a writer is incapable of writing anything."

    Such a wise and true statement. It's probably the best I've read on the subject so far today :D


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