Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sharing Saturday #2

Howdy folks! As you may know, it's Saturday and although I may be posting this thirty minutes before it's Sunday, I still feel like I should stick with the title. I didn't start Sharing Sunday, now did I? No.

This little excerpt is from...where is it from? Ah yes, it's from my WIP about Angels in space. So much fun to write! Without further ado, I give you a piece of Falling Angels.

“You cannot go to Earth,” Gyre admonished Aren for about the fiftieth time that sun cycle. She was busy packing the things she thought might be needed on the world of Earth. She didn’t quite know what to expect, since her only ideas about the planet and its inhabitants came from time at the University and gossip.
An ornamented vest was removed, then replaced, then removed again. In its place Aren stuck a book she had been given by her grandfather. She tucked it carefully between two soft-as-down, everyday shirts.
She was inclined to believe it would be like an adventure. Life on the Angel’s home world had become too tame, but she wasn’t of the mind to be stuck on a star cruiser with her parents. Aren had a feeling that whatever the Queen had in store for her couldn’t possibly be as exciting as an expedition to a primitive planet would be.
Besides, she had others on Earth there for the same reason. And she was going to be safe. Gyre would be there.
“I can’t come with you,” Gyre said softly.
Aren stopped her packing and turned to face him, a confused look on her face. “Whatever do you mean, you can’t come with me? You are my Guardian, aren’t you?” Once a Guardian was assigned, he or she was not allowed to desert his post for the remainder of his life. Aren knew this, and was shocked to hear him announce he was staying. It was unheard of and left Aren with a horrible feeling in her heart.
Gyre shook his head. “I’m a member of the Royal Squad. You know I cannot leave the planet unless the Queen permits it.”
Aren scowled and she understood. “And she won’t allow it, especially since I’m the one you would be attending. She had to let you protect me here where others were watching her, but on Earth…”
Gyre frowned. “That is not the reason she—“
“Don’t patronize me, Gyre. I’m not an idiot. I can see as well as hear, and I know she does not look favorably upon my branch of the family tree. Who can blame her? My grandfather wanted to start a war with the—“
“It is forbidden to speak of that time,” Gyre reminded hurriedly. His dark amber eyes widened and flitted around him trying to see into the shadows that might be hiding listening ears. The punishment for mentioning the Great Rebellion was something worse than death. He was rightly afraid.
Aren flapped her hand dismissively. “There’s no one to hear, but I’ll stop. I don’t want you to get your wings clipped, or have mine done for that matter.” She shuddered once and grew serious at that thought. “I’m going to miss you, Gyre. Earth won’t feel as safe as I had anticipated without you to watch my wings.”
He smiled at her compliment, though still uneasy about their earlier topic. It wasn’t often that she showed such emotion or favoritism.
“It has been my honor,” he said with a bow of his dark blond head.
Aren returned with a small smile to her packing, and tried to edge out the growing feeling of unease in her stomach. She hoped she was making the right choice, but really, what other choice did she have? She didn’t feel at home anywhere, so why should Earth be any different? At least it would be away from the more powerful reminders of her past.
Maybe I can find some peace at last, she thought as she watched Gyre leave to return to his duties. Is that too much to ask?

Well, that's all for tonight/today folks! If you have any comments, leave 'em below and feel free to share something of your own!


  1. But I've read this part *whines* Give me something I haven't read, Bambi.

    (still amazing the second time 'round)

  2. @Tiger: Thanks! And I know...I hope to have something new for ya soon. :)


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