Thursday, March 1, 2012

Go On...Without Me

Gopher go on without me

See that groundhog? (Or is it a gopher?) Yeah. That's me.

I'm finally surfacing from the massive stacks of papers I've been writing, and let me tell you, I swear today was the first day in two weeks that the sun has shone on my face. I was almost blinded. I felt like Saul on that road as the light came down and turned him into Paul.

Good times.

I'm sure y'all may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere lately, and I feel like I must apologize for neglecting y'all. It's been a weird two weeks. I haven't liked not having time to do bloggy things. I've missed, like, two RTW's for goodness sake! That's horrible. I'm horrified.

Sam Winchester startled face

However, I'm hoping that the sunshine will return and invigorate me, thus turning me into a blogging machine, the likes of which I've only dreamed of becoming.

That's the plan anyway. I hope everyone is doing well and haven't already started planning my funeral and drawing lots for delivering my eulogy. I'm not dead yet folks. I walk a fine line.

Until next time...

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