Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heighdy Ho Neighbor

Which book character would you like most as a next door neighbor?

Happy YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday! I didn't miss it this week, and I'm super pumped about the prompt. I mean, who doesn't wish their favorite book characters existed in real life and lived next door to them? Umm, no one!

I did, however, have a difficult time actually choosing who I would want as my neighbor. It wasn't easy. There are just sooooo many characters that I absolutely adore, but in the end, one stood out and I'm happy with my decision.

Drum roll please...

Molly Weasley.

I would have said the entire Weasley family, but wherever Molly goes, they go as well, so I really think I've covered that with my choice. My reasons for choosing the fiery mother of the redheaded wizarding family are many.

A few include:

  • She's awesome.

  • She can cook like nobody's business.

  • She killed Bellatrix Lestrange (easily something I wished someone would do.)

  • She doesn't take smack from anyone.

  • Obviously: She's in Harry Potter and I'm a sucker for that series.

  • Why didn't I just choose the man himself, Harry Potter? Well...I would, but I thought that wouldn't be nearly as fun as living next door to the Weasleys. There's always something going on at the Burrow, and I bet Harry just wants to live a nice quiet life after all that hard work of defeating evil and destroying Voldemort for good. I 'll leave him in peace.

    Besides, this way I would get to see ALL of them on a pretty regular basis and I bet Mrs. Weasley might invite me to dinner every once in a while. She's the motherly type after all. And I'm just a wee lass. I need fattening up.

    What character would you like to have as a neighbor?

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    1. And I'm just a wee lass. I need fattening up.

      Oh, that is so something I can imagine Mrs. Weasley thinking! Great choice. :) Although I think the Weasleys would be one of those neighbors you have a love/hate relationship with... sometimes they'd be awesome, but then Fred and George would cast some crazy charm on your house and you'd want to obliviate them...

    2. You had me rolling on "I'm just a wee lass. I need fattening up."

    3. I looove Mrs. Weasley. And am slightly intimidated by her. But this is probably a good thing in a motherly figure... :D

    4. Mrs Weasley would be a great neighbour! She's friendly and welcoming - but at the same time, completely badass. Anyone who could take on Bellatrix would have to be.

      There'd just be the chronic garden gnome problem. But I'm sure there's a way around that!

    5. Molly is completely awesome! Oh, I am so looking forward to her infamous line in the movie when she confronts Bellatrix :D.

    6. Great choice. Molly is a great character and you have great reasons for wanting to be her neighbor.

    7. And I'm just a wee lass. I need fattening up.

      Hahaha. I can so relate to this. I remember my best friend in middle school's mom used to make me all this completely awesome Mexican food and try to force feed it all to me because she thought I was too skinny. Being someone who still can't cook, I wouldn't mind being force fed awesome food every once in awhile.


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