Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Potentially Winning Things

Shown is an apple pie with a single slice remo...Image via WikipediaOf my many activities involving the World Wide Web, my favorite has to be blogging and blog lurking. I'm a Blurker. That's the new term I created for my current state of existence.

Anyway, while blurking around I tend to find wonderful things like ideas, new people to blurk on, new blogs, funny stuff, and of course, CONTESTS! No blurking session would be complete without my entering another contest and having the potential to win some free STUFF. Who doesn't love free stuff? I do! (Love free stuff, that is.)

The contest I found today is from the blog Slice of the Blog Pie and it's a great blog that I will plan on following (blurker style!) from this point forward. To get to the point: there's a contest and I'm entering it.

Wish me luck! Oh and my roomie has just popped popcorn and turned off the lights on her side of the room so I think she wants me to stop giggling at what I find when I'm blurking. Shoot. It's time for my second infusion of coffee anyway.

Until next time...have fun you bunch of blurkers!
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  1. I'm sort of a blurker too. Sometimes it's more fun that way!

  2. Thanks for lurking. - Fellow lurker.

  3. blurker--ha, i like that word! im a total blurker, too. and now im blurking your blog too, if that even makes any sense. ha! :)


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