Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi, My Name is Frank!

Say hello to my newest friend.

His name is Frank.
He's a robot.
He's also a magical dragon who sees out of his rear.

Yes. He's pretty epic, and I can say with a large amount of certainty, that he is the most awesome Lego robot ever to grace the robotics lab at my school. Probably even the coolest robot to be featured on the blogosphere.

Frank was born today at approximately 10:00 a.m. He is what happens when an art major and an English major are in a group together and want to "make their robot better."

Just to be clear: I'm the English major and I came up with the idea of the dragon and provided the art major with necessary Lego materials. So really, I was the brains. (Sort of.)

Once Frank was "birthed" by our creative minds, we fed him and nourished him with programs designed to make him a more well-rounded robot. He performed beautifully, I must say, and the other robots cried little digital tears as he outshone them on the obstacle course.

Today has been a good day in robotland. A bright day. A day to remember, because it has been made a better place by the robot-dragon named Frank who can shoot a laser out of his butt, touch stuff with his sensor tail, back up, and maneuver around the obstacle, before then returning to his laser to follow a line indefinitely.

Go Frank. Go live your programmable dreams. You deserve it.

Until next the robot! *dances*
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