Friday, March 4, 2011

One of My Writer Friends, Jash!

This is one of my friends from YWS (Young Writers Society) and she has a wonderful voice. I love listening to her sing, and now I'm promoting her, haha! I really hope y'all watch and listen and then love it. This song was featured on YWS and thank goodness I check the site everyday. I'm glad I found this video/song. Oh, and Jash is my niece. (It's a YWS thing.) So, she got her talent from me.

Don't laugh.

Okay, you can laugh. I'm not going to post a video of myself singing. And you all would do well to thank me.

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  1. Hi, Aunt Bailey! I'm so sorry, but I'll have to admit, I chuckled after reading the whole first paragraph. *ehem* OK, fine, laughed. I laughed. The exact opposite of what you wanted me to do. (LOL)

    Thank you so much for sharing me! I hope I'll figure out how to follow your blog. :)


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