Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Must Be Irish!

The YA Lit Six

For the first time ever, in the history of my life, I won something! And not just something, but the contest on YA Lit Six blog! And it wasn't just winning, it was first place winning!!! (Look at those exclamation points, I'm really excited.)

I won an autographed copy of RAIN by the wonderful YA Lit Six blog member Kieryn. RAIN is her debut novel, and I get an autographed copy! I need to seriously calm down. I've almost used my quota for exclamation marks for the week and I still have a few days left. I might need them...

Also part of the first prize (!) is a custom header/button designed by Katie, also blogger of YA Lit Six, and I'm thrilled about that as well. I wonder what it will look like...I hope it has a wolf on it. Or maybe a Black-eyed Susan. Or a sparrowhawk! Katie designed the YA Lit Six logo button that I'm featuring in this post. Isn't it purty?

But wait, there's more. My leprechaun ancestors that helped me win this prize among prizes wanted me to mention the full manuscript critiques that I will get from each one of them(insert exclamation mark here, and multiply by infinity.)

Needless to say, I'm not quite sure I'm awake right now. It's entirely possible this entire day has been a dream.


1. I got my hair dyed dark brown, although that isn't much of shock considering it's happened before.

2. My sister talked me (me! the girl who hates pain and needles and combinations thereof) into getting my ears re-pierced after I let them grow up four years ago. Now I have 4 mm cubic zirconium stainless steel studs in my ears. And my ears are slightly numb. Is that a good thing?

3. I won a freaking contest! And it was first prize!

Somebody pinch me. Please. Am I being punked? Did I really get my ears pierced?

Yep. I did. And I now know not to tug at them. They're tender. (Ouch.)

Okay then. This is real...

Best Day Ever!

Ms. B. Hammond
1234 Mulberry Lane
Anchovie, AL

This is a notice from the Exclamation Restriction Department regarding your exuberant usage of said punctuation in recent minutes. Due to the current balance of your punctuation account being zero, we have since fined you for overdrawing in the amount of $35. Please note that all account charges must be paid in full before the next calendar month. Thank you for your business. Have a nice six days. We'll be watching you.

Colon Parentheses, I

Exclamation Restriction Department secretary


  1. Congrats on winning! And I love the letter from the Exclamation Restriction Department.


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